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FAHS.org is going to be undergoing a major site overhaul for an undetermined amount of time. We at fahs.org hope that you will be patient with us during this period. This site has grown tremendously since it first started and it will take time to update it.

We are going to be adding some new features, a new guestbook and more.

Is it going to look the same as the old one?

No, it will look better and if nothing else as "Brats" we learned to adapt to new environments and we will adapt to the new FAHS.org format.

Where is the Super Leute and the Eagle Locator Map?

They are back on line, check the links to the left.

What happened to the Guestbook?

Join the FAHS Group on Facebook, upload images, chat, tell us how you are, where you are and what is on your mind!

So, stay tuned, have a beer and watch this site as it changes. The links on the site will start working once we are able to add those features, until then, please hold onto your photos and other bits of information until we makes the changes.


The staff at FAHSPA



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Note: The Older Guestbook was deactivated due to robot spammers, join the Eagles on the FAHS Facebook

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Super Duper Leute Finder and the Eagle Locator Map are now back on line.

Photo Galleries
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Super Duper Leute Finder
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For those of you who have paid for fahs.org email addresses, they have been set up, Prez will email you your password, and then you can log on below.

For those of you who do not have a yourname@fahs.org email address, what are you waiting for???

We thank you for your patience

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